Friday, August 5, 2011

Halfway to driving......

Halfway to driving.  It scares me then I think of it like that.  And because it scares me, I haven't told Madison to do the math. Madison turned eight in July.  We celebrated her 8th birthday with her first sleepover at our house.  She had three friends and Charlotte.  Everyone got along well and Bug was included without any problem (see - there is some sisterly love). 

The party included swimming, pizza, tie dye shirts and movies.  They finally went to sleep around 12:30 and were up by 6am for a donut run. It was fun, but I was tired the next day.  Charlotte is now telling us she is going to have a sleepover for her fifth birthday...... No way - not quite old enough!

Happy Birthday Shea!

Look what I got!

A pose after the pinata!

Yes - it was used within 24 hours!

Disney 2011

The beginning of summer brought us a much needed family vacation to Disneyworld.  The girls (and Dewayne and I) had such a fun time.  Two months later and they are still talking about it.... I guess that means all went well!

Below are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures we took.

The teacups - a smile every time!

At Epcot before lunch

She has outgrown princesses and is back to the classic characters!

Dinner with the gang!

And - a bit of sugar.....


The umbrella made it taste that much better!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Madison's favorite! 
Dewayne rode it with her one evening again and again and again......

Taking a break on the People Mover

Hanging out at the hotel!

Charlotte entered as herself and left as Cinderella!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feburary Ice!

The first two weeks of February was quite interesting.  We had five snow days and a whole lot of family time.  It was icy and cold, but we did find some ways to have a good time.

Don't you like the suit?

Bug's GIANT hands!

Fun snowfall!

All ice meant lots of ice sledding for the kids (and soreness for daddy)



Our neighbor Finn even had a snowcone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girl Scouts and Horse Camp

In February Madison and I attended a Girl Scout camping weekend at Camp Bette Perot in Palestine.  It was a new experience for me since Madison and Dewayne attended the Dad and Me camping weekend last summer.  Now it was my turn! 

Madison prepped me for weeks by warning me of the possible sub-par quarters and spiders (although we were going to a completely different camp).  The cabins were pretty nice - the first thing out of Shea's mouth was that these cabins were "way better" than when she went camping with Daddy. 

We spent the weekend earning Try-Its,hanging out and having fun.  We hiked, ate smores, exchanged "swaps" and overall enjoyed each other's company.

Madison, Georgia and Sophia

Heading out on a hike

She carried that stick the entire way!

Loves nature!

Madison and Georgia
Can you guess what was Shea's favorite part?

Waiting for horse assignments.......

She was so excited!
It was great to spend time with Madison away from home.  She has grown into such an amazing, independent girl and I'm so lucky to be her mom!  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Bug!

FOUR.  Charlotte turned four at the end of January.  She reminded use every day that she was about to turn 4.  It's hard to believe our crying, cranky baby (we won't go there) has morphed into a feisty, hard-headed, sweet, ever singing "big kid".  

All parents notice their child's personalty develop as they grow, and I must say Bug's personality is quite unique.  She can be the sweetest one wanting to cuddle and give kisses, but she sure can push our buttons as well.  She is the child that will get as close to the line as possible without "technically" stepping over it. 

Charlotte is into princesses, singing and dancing. She is pretty much singing all the time - both real songs and random, made-up songs about anything.  She is our performer, has to strike a pose when we get the camera out and can produce a pretty large pouty lip. 

Lately Bug has informed everyone that she is a Cheetah Girl and she has fashion.  She also says that Madison is not a Cheetah Girl and does not have fashion.  After the declaration, a pretty heated battle follows - I guess that is what sisters are supposed to do?

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Madison proudly showing off her little sister!

Charlotte at 1


Four - Doesn't she look like a "big girl"?

A few snapshots from her birthday party at the Bear Shop....

Waiting patiently.....

Finn and Bug washing their animals

The party gang!

Cake time!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mommy Lies

Sometimes us mommies tell innocent lies to our kids to make things easier - I'm one of those moms.  This morning after a trip to the library, we got back in the car and Charlotte erupted into tears.  She was crying pretty hard and I heard something about swallowing her gum.  I pulled out the phone and got a bit of it.  I guess I shouldn't have told her that little lie "gum is for chewing - and if you swallow it you will get sick".  Poor Cheeto (Madison and I could hardly contain ourselves).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Witches of Every Kind

Sorry the post is so late, but I did want to upload a few pics of Halloween.  It was "Witches Everywhere" at our house this year.

Madison was a "typical" witch and Charlotte was a "good witch".  Madison selected the purple costume to match a Halloween cat she got from Build A Bear a few years back (see cat tied to broom in pic below).  Bug selected Glenda because she was on a Wizard of Oz kick around the time costume selections were being made (and I told  her I wasn't painting her green like the Wicked Witch). 

My Loves!

Shea and the Chicken

Bug's turn!
 The four of us started off with our neighbors, Finn and Grey.

After Charlotte was done, we went home to hand out candy and Madison/Dewayne headed out with an older group. 

Madison and Kaci